The Brief


We need our website to reflect our personality and for our clients to have a great user experience when visiting, the site must be able to support online bookings, image gallery of past works, link through to social media, mobile responsive and it must be fun.

Social Media

Our social media needs to be more engaging and attract new potential clients from across Bristol, we would also like the ability to monetise our social media and be able to measure it easily. It also needs to be consistent across all our channels.

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The Solution

moda website home page

Social Media

We established who their target audience was in terms of the perfect client type, with this in mind we started creating and designing targeted posts. Working on the basis of posting daily: 1 informative post, 1 branding post and 1 sales post, we also began uploading posts that posed questions, “which one is better”, “what colour is your favourite” to encourage more interaction. All posts should be branded with their logo and post consistently seven days a week.


We spent a lot of time with moda hairdressing to get a feel for who they were, the reason for this was so when designing the website we could inject elements of their personalities into it. The aim was to create a site that when a client visited the salon after viewing the website it felt familiar.

Being such a visual business we needed to use lots of vibrant colourful images on the site, we also embedded their social media and blog channels to their homepage. The reason for this was so the home page is a hive of activity and constantly changing(Google loves this), we wanted to make sure where ever their client was on the site they could book their hair appointment either by booking online or telephoning the salon.

Moda social media acmemedia

The Result


moda hairdressing’s website has reached the position of, page 1 on Google position number seven within a 2 month, 3 week period. (search phrase – hairdressers in Bristol). To put this into perspective there is over 400 listings on Google for “Hairdressers in Bristol”

The site traffic which measures unique visitor visits went from 387 in January 2018, the new website launched in February 2018 and in April 2018 the site visits were 1872. The site had 7488-page impressions with the average time spent on their site at 4 minutes and 26 seconds.

Moda hairdressing social media

Social Media

The social media campaign is really fun to work on as we see the results growing every day, to start with the number of followers have grown from 382 to 746, post interaction has increased by 74% and posts shares have risen by a massive 86%.

The area that we are most focused on is how much money has it generated, in a six week period 46 appointments were booked online, average spend £43 = £1978.00 (£329.00 a week). If we look at this over 12 months it increases turn over by just over £17,000.